Work Plan

Healthwatch Wolverhampton priorities for 2019/20 are:


Phase 2 of the project, engaging with community groups to get their experiences and understanding of isolation and loneliness aiming for over 55’s.  We will be working with Voluntary Sector as they have a member of staff who has been recruited to support these groups, individuals etc.  This will be done by focus groups. 


To understand why there has been no change in the experience that moms have been receiving after their discharge from hospital following the birth of their child. This has been prompted by data received from CQC and the experiences that have been shared with Healthwatch.


This was deferred over from 2018/2019 from the previous year.  We aim speak to women regarding cervical screening and to understand the reason for women not taking up the tests.  There is national data that suggests why some women might not take up cervical screening, however this is not available locally. The information gathered will be shared with Public Health.


As part of mortality review meetings, medical examiners have been put in place in the hospital, part of their role is to engage the families in the review of the deaths of their loved one, so we will be checking if this is happening.


To provide a platform for young people in Wolverhampton to share their views and experiences of health and social care.