Our Reports

This page lists the recent reports Healthwatch Wolverhampton has produced.


General Practice Nursing Report

Healthwatch Dudley, Healthwatch Sandwell, Healthwatch Walsall and Healthwatch Wolverhampton have been commissioned by Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on behalf of Black Country and West Birmingham Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) to carry out work collecting feedback from patients about their knowledge and experiences of using General Practice Nurses. The feedback collected is intended to help inform the decision making of several projects linked to the STP Primary Care Strategy

End of Life Report

The information gathered from patients/service users will support the work that the CCG and providers are continuing to work on to improve these services across the city and to ensure that patients are given a choice as to how they are involved in their care and to where they wish to die.

Hospital Discharge Report

The project aimed to understand the patient experience of being discharged from the hospital including the planning of discharge and the involvement of patients in those plans.

Urgent Care Centre at New Cross Hospital Report

Healthwatch Wolverhampton has worked with Vocare, who are the service provider of the Urgent Care Treatment Centre (UCTC) at New Cross Hospital, to gather experiences from patients using the Urgent Care Treatment Centre.

Social Care Assessments that take place in residential / nursing care report

The project used a survey to obtain feedback from care home managers in Wolverhampton about that they had witnessed happening in relation to social care assessments and their service users over the previous 12 months.


GP Communication Report

Healthwatch Wolverhampton has recently undertaken a project to understand how much communication patients receive from their GP practice and what levels of awareness and involvement there are with PPGs. This is in order to understand the potential effectiveness of the public engagement around the changes to primary care delivery in Wolverhampton.

This report details the findings from this project and outlines a number of key recommendations.

For more information about how Primary Care is changing in the city, visit Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group’s website here.

Wolverhampton Dental Report

We have carried out research into the experiences of people living in Wolverhampton around accessing and using dental services in the City as we had been contacted by local residents who told us they had experienced difficulty in finding a dentist offering NHS services and also when they did go to a dentist, the cost of treatment was not always explained before they treatment took place. Our findings were similar to those of Healthwatch England from their national survey in 2016 and the report they compiled from other local Healthwatch feedback. Although most respondents were registered with a dentist and of those most were with an NHS dentist there were a number who were not registered with a dentist at all.

Access to Health and Social Care For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Report

Healthwatch Wolverhampton is the independent champion for people who need health and social care in the city. We are here to make sure that those who provide, and commission services put people at the heart of care. We want to give a stronger voice to all our communities, especially those whose views often go unheard. Healthwatch Wolverhampton became aware that Deaf people and their families are a group of people who are likely to experience difficulties in accessing health and social care services. We wanted to find out more about what these problems were.

In July 2017, we held two public events at the University of Wolverhampton, which attracted over 60 attendees. The events provided a rich source of information about what it is like to be a Deaf or Hard of Hearing user of health and social care services in Wolverhampton.


An Evaluation of the Urgent Care Centre at New Cross Hospital

This report presents the findings of a survey conducted at the UCC to evaluate the quality of service delivery and meeting the needs of patients.  The survey was designed in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the service provider (Vocare) and the results feed into the key performance indicators set out in the service specification.

GP Access Report

We conducted the GP Access survey at Healthwatch as we wanted to: understand people’s experiences of making GP appointments; be equipped with a greater understanding; and produce body of evidence to identify where problems exist and suggest improvements that will benefit the local community, as well as service providers. The findings of this project may inform future Healthwatch projects for further in depth analysis of GP accessibility.


Safeguarding Experiences Review Project Report

The Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board commissioned Healthwatch Wolverhampton to conduct a research project with adult service users to gain further insight into their experiences of safeguarding.