Volunteers Week – How our staff have been volunteering during lockdown

Through out the lockdown the staff team have been volunteering in various ways. 

Emily and Tracy has been busy dropping of prescriptions to people who are self isolating, shielding or vulnerable. The reaction on the door step to this helping had has been incredibly positive with people thanking them and explaining how much they have appreciated it. 

Tracy also enjoys knitting and has been doing it got a while now. She noticed that the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust were asking for items for premature babes and decided to put her hobby to good use. Tracy said:

“I really enjoy knitting baby clothes and noticed that the hospital’s were requesting baby bonnets for premature babies. I got my needles out and knitted a variety of different size baby hats and blankets. I received the below letter from the hospital as a thank you. I am on my next batch of premature baby clothes”

Emily has also been out and about in her local area volunteering including delivering information to people about where they can go to get help with food, medications and other support.   Emily recorded a video to explain her volunteering which you can view here. Emily’s Video

Ashley, Andy and Rasham have all volunteered to make phone calls to patients as part of a befriending trial. This has been well received by the people who have received a phone call, who have thanked us for checking in with them and making sure that they are OK and have everything they need.  Judith has also voluntary made calls to former clients to make sure that they are OK during lockdown.