Celebrating National Inclusion Week 2020

This week is National Inclusion Week, a national event designed to celebrate diversity and explore new ways to make all aspects of community life as inclusive as possible. Running from September 28th-October 4th, 2020 it was created by Inclusive Employers and aims to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace.

We are marking National Inclusion Week – a unique opportunity to get connected to, learn from, and engage with people from all walks of life, in our workplaces and beyond.

This year’s theme is Each One, Race One, (#EachOneReachOne) to open a dialogue about diversity. In the hopes of encouraging connectivity between people, organisations and businesses, the theme reflects how inclusion equals opportunities.

Here is an example of a practical step we have taken to make sure people are heard, together with @Reciteme we have created an inclusive online platform to enable everyone to customise their experience giving people the opportunity to connect. Try out our toolbar here

Please support National Inclusion Week to create awareness for people’s accessibility and language needs online.

Engaging Communities Solutions, Managing Director, Elizabeth Learoyd, said: “National Inclusion Week enables us to think about inclusion in the workforce, as well consider the way in which we connect and engage with people from all walks of life. Which is critical both in terms of accessibility to local health and care services and to creating working environments where everyone feels valued.”

Elizabeth added: “valuing inclusion and diversity is important and affects us all. Therefore, it shouldn’t  just be women for example, who care about gender equality, or ethnic minorities and disabled people who care about inequality, people from working class backgrounds, who care about social mobility – building an inclusive culture is about everybody, and we all have a part to play. It is about recognising and valuing our differences through inclusion.”

Remember, inclusion is an everyday culture, so let us all work to keep building inclusion – Happy National Inclusion Week!

More information about National Inclusion Week and how to get involved is available via the Inclusive Employers website: