A Conversation Can Be An Act of Kindness

We had an advocacy client who had their case closed last month. He is 71 years old and had been in hospital for several weeks but managed to get out before lockdown started.

He is housebound due to being mobility impaired and has other health issues. He is own most of the time, with just carers and a friend who does his shopping once a week. Knowing his situation, we asked him if he would like us to call in a month to see how he was getting on in the lockdown and he was grateful for the offer.

We phoned him yesterday and as we were ending the call, he said: “I really appreciate the chat, you are very kind, you know that”.

Although his case was closed, this simple follow up call to check in meant the world to the client. During the call, even if only for a few moments he was not alone. This is just one example of our acts of kindness that goes beyond our normal day job and can make someone’s day.

We have a number of people who call us because they are lonely. We offer a listening ear and signpost them where we can but sometimes the conversation is enough.

Something as simple as a conversation can be an act of kindness and mean more to someone than we realise at the time. Remember to check in with family, friends and neighbours who may be lonely or struggling during lockdown.