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Local health and social care services

We provide information about local health and social care services to help you find the care and support you need.  We can also advise you who to contact with questions or issues you may have about local services.  Our information and signposting service is free, confidential, and independent of the NHS and Social Services.*


*Please note:
  • We do not ourselves have powers to investigate individual formal complaints about NHS or social care services.
  • We cannot make a complaint to a service on your behalf.  If you need support to make a formal complaint about a NHS or social care service, see our Advocacy Support section.
  • We are not able to offer financial or legal advice.  That should always be sought from a trained specialist such as a solicitor or financial advisor.


How to contact us

You can contact us with your query as follows:

If we cannot resolve your query immediately or a member of staff is unable to speak with you then we will always endeavor to return your call within one working day.


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