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Whitmore Reans Medical Practice

Absolutely awful staff and GP attitude.

Firstly the staff are so rude and aren’t friendly nor empathetic at all. They act like they have medical knowledge and try to advise when they have no experience in the medical field. I ask to speak to my GP and keep being given appointments for the pharmacist or the nurse. It’s just ridiculous. I recently needed a form signed by the GP and they charged me £45. That’s just extortionate and awful. Doctors are paid more than well enough so why are they charging ridiculous amounts of money for forms? Previously I asked for a letter due to my poor mental health and was charged £30. I was also charged £10 for a print out of the vaccinations I have previously had- that’s my personal information so why am I being charged this much for that information? Honestly I just about afford the rates they are charging and feel this is just an abuse of their power and authority. I feel the only decent GP at that practice is Dr Ahmed. He actually cares about his patients and goes above and beyond for his patients. However, the main doctors based at that practice do not care for their patients. They do not explain their treatments nor do they listen to the patients properly. This practice needs to be reviewed and inspected because of the poor practices they are doing. It is not a place I would be suggesting to others to go to and would suggest people to avoid this GP practice, especially if you care about your health because the doctors there do not nor do the administration or reception staff. Absolute abuse of power happening at that practice.