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Penn Manor Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
27th May 2021

a cash cow call centre

Been in pain 3 weeks now I have called bang on opening time and after 10 minutes I find I am caller 9 in the queue after another wait I am caller 8.?Next day after the same prolonged wait I was told due to the high number of calls try later ,another voice comes on saying sorry cannot connect you and cut me off.I phoned later and managed to talk to person who said all the appointments were taken that day(even call backs)I tried again today I was caller 13, 5 minutes or more later I was still caller 13.?I tried 15 minutes later I was 9 again after a wait I was 9 20 minutes later after all the advise etc I was 11 after another wait I was still 11.If it was,nt so serious it would be a joke.?I am totally disgusted with the place.

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