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Emergency Department

Rated by Anonymous
14th June 2021

Fantastic care received

I had been advised to go to ED after contacting NHS 111. I arrived at ED at approximately 5.55pm. I was called into to be assessed at 6.30pm. I was then advised to go to Ambulatory department (what is classed as minors). I was here for a number of hours, however the care and treatment i received was second to none. I had to have x-rays. I was told that result of the x-rays and was advised i needed to have some blood tests taken, i had to wait a while as they were waiting for a phlebotomist to take them. After the bloods were taken, a nice doctor who had been with me throughout kept me updated, she said that one of the results would take a while. She made me a drink and was very apologetic to the amount of time that i had been waiting.
They were wanting me to see a orthopaedic consultant but the unit was very busy, so the doctor who had been caring for me, gave me some anti-biotics and gave me an appointment for the fracture clinic, however she explained that i would be seen a lot quicker than the date that been given to me. She advised that if i had not heard anything within 5 days to contact the fracture clinic. I left the department at 1.15am and at 9am i had a phone call for my appointment for the fracture clinic.

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