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Dental Health Stop

Rated by Anonymous
22nd March 2021

Called to see if I could book an appointment

I was greeted quite abruptly over the phone by Anne-Marie. I gave all of my details and explained that I would like to book an appointment but haven’t been since 2018. Anne-Marie pointed out I hadn’t attended an appointment in January, however I have no recollection of evening having one. The last appointment was for a scale and polish in 2018. Anne-Marie continued to repeat this to me leaving me to prompt having to ask again to book an appointment. Anne-Marie’s response was ‘no, you can’t book an appointment’. I asked why, she said because it’s been too long. Considering Anne-Marie’s profile on the website suggests she is ‘here to greet you with a smile and always happy to help’ is quite the understatement. Thank you for the very demoralising call, safe to say I won’t be in touch again.

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