Stress Awarness

April is Stress Awareness Month. 

Stress is something that we will all go through and the causes vary from work, money and health worries to dealing with the lockdown restrictions and everything in between. Since March 65% of people have reported feeling more stressed than usual during the pandemic. 

Stress can lead to other mental health problems when not managed, such as anxiety and it can have other effects on our lives such as lack of sleep, making poor decisions and even impact our relationships with those around us, so it’s important to take steps to manage our stress levels in a healthy way. 

Below you can find links to facts sheets about stress and its impact and tips to manage your stress from the Stress Management Society that we thought you might find most useful. 

Click here to find out how stressed you are

Click here to find out more about the signs of stress

Click here to find out about the impact of workplace stress

Click here to find out more about how the pandemic has had an impact on stress


Tips and resources:

Click here for the 7 step achievement plan 

Click here for the guide for taking you from distress to de-stress

Click here for the 30 day challenge


You can check out the other resources and tips from the Stress Management Society here



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