New GP data sharing system pushed back – let us know your questions and concerns

NHS Digital have recently announced plans to allow an NHS system to extract patient data from doctors’ surgeries in England. The new data-sharing system was due to start in July, with the public being able to opt-out but has now been pushed back to 1 September.

Healthwatch England, National Voices and Patient Assistance have joined forces along with other groups to raise concerns regarding the lack of public engagement and information about the changes to how patient data will be collected and used. They have released a statement following the announcement that the start date for this will be pushed back to September:

“We welcome today’s move by the Government to extend the deadline for the GP data opt-out and allow NHS Digital and colleagues across the NHS, particularly those in primary care, to have the time and space to engage properly with patients and the wider public on these plans.

“In previous engagement work the public have told us that they are in favour of the NHS using their data for medical research if they understand how this information will be used and can opt out if they so wish. However, ongoing public support for this depends on complete transparency and clear communication from the NHS when things change.”

“Over the next few months we need to see a proper nationwide campaign on this, reaching out to people so they can make an informed choice about how their own individual medical records are used to support research. This is a complex issue, and so we will all be working with the NHS to help build awareness and understanding.”

We will be liaising with Healthwatch England regarding this issue over the coming weeks and months to ensure that questions are answered and that there is proper engagement with patients.

Share your concerns and questions with us

We are asking people to contact us with their concerns and any questions they have about the new data-sharing system so that we can feed this back to Healthwatch Engalnd and locally.

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