International Workers Memorial Day 2021

International Workers Memorial Day remembers those who have died or been injured in their workplace. 

It seems only right that this year we remember all those who have risked their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice during the pandemic. 

In January 2021 the Office of National Statistics reported that 883 NHS and Social Care workers in England and Wales have tragically lost their lives to Covid-19. Sadly that number doesn’t include figures for Scotland or Northern Ireland and is likely to be higher.  Of those who have lost their lives, 469 were worked in social care and 414 in health. 

There are also countless numbers of Key Workers such as those who work in education, those who work in food production, processing, distribution and sales, the emergency services, transport and more who have also lost their lives to Covid-19. 

We would like to take a moment to remember all of those who have lost their lives.