Healthwatch Wolverhampton leads the way for student volunteers!

Healthwatch Wolverhampton is celebrating National Student Volunteer Week by highlighting the in depth work it does with students throughout Wolverhampton, and the positive impact it has on their lives, helping them to develop key skills and increase their confidence in the workplace.

With us currently being in National Student Volunteer week, Healthwatch Wolverhampton is reflecting on the huge amount of volunteering hours they have supported with local young people.

From April 2019 to March 2020 there will have been a total of 18 students that have had the opportunity to carry out their work experience with Healthwatch Wolverhampton. Students from Wolverhampton College and Juniper Training have carried out their work experience with the team.

During this period, students would have given 780 hours of their time and been involved in a wide range of activities from making phone calls, data entry as well as engaging members of the public as part of our Outreach and Enter and View programmes. 

The students have developed their skills whilst working alongside our staff, giving them a real insight into how teams work within an office environment, patient experiences of health and social care services and the role of Healthwatch.

Some of the feedback from students include:

Johnathan, 18, Student from Juniper

“Healthwatch was a great place to be at because I met nice people who helped me to gain confidence and learn what a working environment is. Thank you.”

“Staff were helpful and friendly. I was made to feel very comfortable and enjoyed my Placement”

“I’m going to miss you guys; you have taught me well.”

Julie Flavell, from Wolverhampton City College says “Our Business students have been completing 30 hours of work experience with Healthwatch, the time spent with Healthwatch has given the students a chance to see what life in the ‘real world’ is. 

For each student the experience has been different as they have all gained different things, some have come back with more confidence, some with a lot of experience or using the phones.  Some of our students have been out doing market research and this has really given them a boost as they were lacking in confidence beforehand and would not have been able to do this without the nurturing, they received from everyone at Healthwatch. 

I cannot praise the team enough for the help and support they give to our students”

Healthwatch was recognised by Juniper Training for the support that has been offered to their students during their placement and the positive outcomes this has had for students including going on to enrol at College. 

We ask the students if they would recommend Healthwatch as a place to get work experience as so far all of them have said they would, some of them have as their friends have contacted us asking for work placements.

 Tracy Cresswell, Healthwatch Manager says “It’s fantastic to see the students grow and develop during their short time with us and it’s great when we are approached by other students who want a placement because they have heard all about it from their friends. We held an event in December to thank Volunteers and it was lovely to see some of the former students attend and see what they are now.”

Healthwatch Wolverhampton is launching its Youth Healthwatch on Saturday 22 February 2020 1pm to 3.30pm at Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton, WV1  4AN.  Light refreshments and pizza will be available, to book on please contact our office on 0800 470 1944. For more information  about this event click here.

 If anyone is thinking about volunteering or looking for a work experience, we would encourage them to get in touch. We have several opportunities that might be of interest and we will work with people to tailor their placements as much as we can so that they get the best of out it.

For more information visit our website or call 0800 470 1944.