How We Work

Our workstreams are identified, prioritised and reviewed.

Priorities for Healthwatch Wolverhampton are identified in a number of ways:

  • Local people are encouraged to identify areas of concern and bring these to the attention of Healthwatch Wolverhampton by telephone, email or letter, or attendance at local events.  (Where particular issues are not within Healthwatch Wolverhampton’s remit, people will always be advised on the right agency to contact for help.)
  • Partnership working is key to Healthwatch Wolverhampton’s philosophy, so local service user organisations suggest areas of work, and timescales for completion.  This avoids duplication of effort.
  • Commissioners in both Health and Social Care also assist Healthwatch Wolverhampton in identifying any specific topic related priorities.
  • Healthwatch England heads up the nationwide network of Healthwatch organisations and sets out its statutory responsibilities e.g. the right to Enter and View any publicly funded health and social care service.  (View a list of the Statutory Duties of a Local Healthwatch)

Read our Healthwatch Decision Making Policy & Procedure about how our annual priorites are agreed and set.