Healthwatch Advisory Board


Rose Urkovskis - HAB Chair

Rose has worked in the Further Education sector for over 20 years. Prior to this she worked in the Early Years sector and continues to support a local Pre-school as Chair of their Board. She works with a wide range... more

Jane Emery

Jane was first employed working in hosiery in Bedford Williams department store until her daughter was born. She was part owner of a baby linen shop with her sister in law before her daughter started school. Then worked for... more

Maggie Makombe

Maggie began volunteering for Healthwatch Wolverhampton in 2018. She is passionate about being in the position to help others, especially when she can utilise her skills to make a difference in the lives of others. Her underlying motivation comes from... more

Yankho Songwe

Yankho is in his last year of college, aspiring to study Computer Science at university. He is the Students' Union President for the college. In this role he supports different events , such as; hosting fundraising activities for various charities... more

Roger Thompson

Information to follow.

Wendy Stephens

Information to follow.