Youth Healthwatch Hub

What is Youth Healthwatch?

Youth Healthwatch is a group of young volunteers aged between 14 and 24, who want to make a difference to local health and social care services. As volunteers, they encourage other young people to speak up and share their experiences and ideas of how services can be improved as well as deliver their own projects to help influence services for young people.


Watch the video below to find out more.


Why should I get involved?

Youth Healthwatch is a rewarding, flexible and influential role that has a number of benefits including learning new skills, helping your community and meeting new people.

By joining Youth Healthwatch you will:

  • Have opportunities to meet new people
  • Learn new skills and build upon existing knowledge 
  • Have access to a range of training opportunities 
  • Gain experience for your CV or university application 
  • Influence positive change to services and the young people that use them

Youth Healthwatch is led by young people and supported by the staff team at Healthwatch Wolverhampton. This means you decide the time and date you meet, the projects or actions you want to take on and how long you want to be involved.

Your projects might include surveys, focus groups, social media campaigns, or just having a conversation with other young people about their experiences.

We have a number of roles that you might want to get involved with or you might want to be involved in a less formal way, it’s up to you.


How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with Youth Healthwatch and it is up to you how you get involved, how often and when. 

  1. Sign up as a volunteer and join our group to help lead Youth Healthwatch and undertake one of the many roles to help make sure young people have a voice in local services, we currently meet on a monthly basis 
  2. Register to our new Engagement Platform and get involved in a less formal way than becoming a volunteer. Have your say on projects and support our campaigns. 
  3. Share your experience of health and social care services with Healthwatch. Feedback on your experience of using services both good or bad will help to influence services

You can use the links below to find more information about the roles we have, sign up as a volunteer, register to our Engagement Platform or share your experiences of services. 

Signing up as a volunteer is really easy.

You will need to complete the Youth Healthwatch Members Form, if you are under the age of 16 you will need a parent or guardians consent to get involved.

Once we have received the completed form, you will be invited to an informal chat about your application so that we can understand how we can best support you in your chosen role.

Once that is complete your in!