What Happens If A Pupil Has Covid?

In the event of a pupil testing positive for Covid-19 in Wolverhampton, the process is outlined below:

  • The pupil or parent would inform the school of their child’s positive test result.
  • The school are then asked to call the Council’s Schools Covid-19 Health Protection helpline to report the case and seek advice (the line is open Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm).
  • If the child was not in school 48 hours prior to becoming symptomatic, the Health Protection team would advise that no further action would need to be taken as the child would not have been in school during their infectious period.
  • If the child was in school either 48 hours prior to becoming symptomatic or whilst they were symptomatic, a risk assessment will be undertaken with the Health Protection Team. Teachers would be asked to identify close contacts of the positive case, e.g. through desk plans and identifying social contacts. This helps to identify the close contacts of the case who need to self-isolate, rather than sending large year-group bubbles home if not all of them had had contact with the positive case.
  • Bubble sizes vary according to the size and population of the school. They also take into account mixing of pupils in class, at break/lunch times and social contacts.
  • In some instances (e.g. with younger children), social distancing of 2m cannot be guaranteed at all times, so the bubble would need to close.