Work Plan

Every year, Healthwatch Wolverhampton puts in place an agreed work plan that sets out what we are going to do through research with service users and others in the City.

Healthwatch Wolverhampton Work Plan- 2019/20

Healthwatch Wolverhampton priorities for 2019/20 are;

Action  Lead  Timescales  Outcome/ Impact to be achieved 
CARE HOMES AND DOMICILLIARY CARE  Rasham Gill (RG)  June  We carried out a survey 2 years ago around the waiting times for assessments for carers.   


This will be revisited, and a comparison will be compiled. 


The intelligence that we are receiving is still the same that there is a long waiting time for assessments. 

ISOLATION AND LONLINESS  Tracy Cresswell (TC)  June to September  To identify the gaps in services for patients who are house bound, working with District Nurses and Domiciliary care providers  


To identify the gaps for new moms who feel lonely after giving birth. 


With the evidence received share with the commissioners to gain a better understanding of the services that need to be commissioned to support these patients/moms 




Tracy Cresswell (TC) /   July to September 2018  To understand what is being communicated to patients with reference to the changes that are being made in accordance with the 5 years forward plan, ie do the patients know about “Care Navigation”. 


To understand how many patients are aware of their Patient Participation Groups within their practice, do they engage with them etc 


To improve communication between the patients and the practice. 


For patients to have a better understanding of what services are available to them. 


The report has been published and can be found under our reports section on the website.  

HOSPITAL / COMMUNITY DISCHARGE  Tracy Cresswell (TC)  January to March 2019  To understand what the processes are in place at both the hospital and hospice for patient discharge. 


To understand what the delays are in discharging patients. 


To understand the patient’s anxiety’s about being discharged especially if it is to another place that they have not been to. 


To improve the communication between the staff, patients and any other services involved. 


To improve the patient's journey 



CANCER SERVICES  Ashley Lovell (AS)  January 2019 to March 2019  To understand the reasons for the waiting times for patients to be referred. 


To understand the waiting times for treatment after diagnosis 


To improve patient waiting times 


To improve patient treatment after diagnosis 


This has been deferred to 2019/2020 

ALCOHOL SUPPORT / AWARENESS  Tracy Cresswell (TC) / Ashley Lovell (AL)  October - March  To identify the support services that are available, to complete a mapping exercise 




YOUTH HEALTHWATCH PRIORITY  Ashley Lovell (AL)  On-going  To identify a project that Youth Healthwatch want to work on