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Pathway To Support Opportunity – Launch of Match Funding Scheme

Pathway to Support (P2S) is a partnership project led by the local authority, which aims to encourage and enhance the

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Healthy Caring Guide Bulletin

NHS England, in partnership with Carers UK, Carers Trust Age UK, Public Health England, and older carers themselves, has published

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Consultation on proposals regarding services for people at risk of violence and abuse

Dear stakeholder,

Following a strategic review of services for people at risk of violence and abuse, a number of proposals regarding

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Gene scanning ‘could improve screening for oesophageal cancer’

“Simple test can now reveal which heartburn patients are at risk of oesophageal cancer,” is the hopeful headline in the

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Big rise in patients falling victim to NHS surgical mistakes

Health campaigners have blamed inadequate staffing and pressure in the NHS for a rise in the number of hospital attendances

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Seven-day NHS: Labour demands inquiry as leak reveals crisis warning

Labour is demanding an inquiry into revelations that senior civil servants fear the government’s push for a “truly seven-day NHS”

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NHS crisis plan to cancel operations and appointments as winter draws in

Hospitals are to cancel thousands of operations and appointments in a desperate bid to stop the NHS “buckling” this winter, under

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Wolverhampton CCG Focus Group about “End of Life” care

Dear Carer’s


Life Limiting Diseases don’t just affect the people you support physically. It can affect everything –relationships, lifestyles, feelings, finances

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